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OCS is a responsible business and this approach governs the way we work with all our stakeholders including clients, suppliers, colleagues and shareholders and extends to the environment and communities in which we work. We believe that the work we do should be sustainable - not just in financial terms, but also in the way we impact upon people, communities and the environment. Therefore, we not only design services that help our clients improve their own sustainability and environmental impact, we also work with and invest directly in community and environmental initiatives around the world.

Supporting local and global communities

From supporting underprivileged students in India to helping disadvantaged young people in the UK, we actively work and invest to help improve the communities in which we work. It’s all part of our family ethos.

Corporate responsibility and our communities

Driving positive environmental change

We strive to ensure our supply chain and the work we do is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our environmental initiatives go a step further in providing positive environmental impact in the areas where we work.


Health and safety

The wellbeing of our colleagues and clients is critical to our business. We engage our whole team to ensure that the health and safety of our workforce and clients is the top priority wherever we operate.

Workplace safety and wellbeing