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We’re an international supplier of essential services to the facilities and premises owned by our clients. From humble beginnings as a small family business over 100 years ago, we’ve grown our specialisms and expertise to offer a range of high quality, sustainable and internationally accredited services. As a private, family-owned business we’re not like public limited companies. Where other companies must focus on meeting short term targets, our private ownership enables us to make long term investments. This means we have strong relationships with our clients and longevity in the services we provide to them. We’re all about supporting our clients’ long term vision and objectives. We work at the heart of our clients’ businesses, and our sector expertise means we can design sustainable service solutions that align with their business strategies.

Today we work with clients across the world and have significant operations in the UK and Ireland, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Australasia.

We interact with hundreds of clients and their customers throughout the Republic of Ireland on a daily basis.

We have almost 3,000 colleagues throughout the Republic of Ireland who share our corporate values and deliver our services.