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Working together for future generations

We recognise that sustainability means different things to different people. For us, it's not just about the impact we have on our planet for future generations, but for the people living on it today as well. As such, our sustainability strategy focuses on two key areas where, given our business activities, we can make a real and impactful difference - reducing our carbon footprint and advancing social mobility.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business, for our colleagues, customers, partners, and the communities in which we work whilst protecting the environment. A provider of critical and essential services in organisations around the world, every day OCS colleagues set out to make the places they work safe and secure.

Our sustainability strategy is guided by the work we have done, supported by external experts, gathering robust data and insights on the value of our current initiatives and where we need to go further. The strategy is set at a global level, each market then owns the development of a plan to its delivery.

Trust is one of our core values. Our sustainability goals are genuine commitments to our customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. We are delighted to make a net zero commitment which is broad in both scope and geographic reach. It is essential that we fully embed sustainability into what we do to create a better future for those who follow. We will focus where we can make a genuine difference through our actions.

John Hunter

OCS Sustainability Strategy

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