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If you’re looking for an experienced commercial and high rise window cleaning company, we have a long history and many years of experience in commercial window cleaning, as this was the first service provided by family-owned company over 100 years ago! People’s opinion of your business can be greatly enhanced by a regular, quality window cleaning service. The quality of window cleaning is an obvious first sign of the importance you place on cleanliness and hygiene. 

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John Newins, an OCS window cleaner for more than 40 years

“The fact that John Newins has worked for the company since 1970, over 41 years, and hasn’t taken any days off sick, proves tireless dedication to the company,” said Andrew Lee, FWC chairman and competition adjudicator. “His involvement in the development of new 
safety systems demonstrates his exemplary dedication and loyalty to his work, OCS Group UK and the window cleaning industry.”

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